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​3rd generation of ZM18 machine vision lasers has been launched

ZM18S3, ZM18H3 and ZM18DM53 have new revisions. (PDF Article)

The Z-Laser ZM18

New ​Features:
  • ZM18S3: Increase of modulation frequency (TTL) from 1kHz to 500kHz
  • ZM18H3: Power stabilized laser with green or blue wavelength
  • Increase of maximum optical output up to 200mW

Z-MLLS - New product​ ​

Movable Line Laser System Z-MLLS has been launched (more information)

news-ZMILLS.jpg​The name Z-MLLS is the acronym for the first letters; it is a special development for tire building machines. The laser system is mounted above the tire building machine and the laser lines are used for fast and precise material placement.

​ ​ZQ-blue

​ ​The new compact powerful blue laser ZQ-blue is available. (more information)

news-ZQ-blue.jpg​The product development of ZQ-blue combines good line performance (homogeneity ±15%) and solid IP50 protection class (higher IP rated housing is available upon request). A special 1W/450nm laser diode provides ultrafine projections while simultaneously producing extremely high power density

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